Everi Games

I have worked in-house at Everi Games since the fall of 2015, and has been involved in over 20 shipped casino titles since. My responsibilities at Everi include the design, creation, and implementation of music and sound assets, ironing out the in-game mix, and metering each game for use in the field. Occasionally I'll collaborate with someone else in the audio department, or I'll be in charge of a port full of someone else's music and sounds, but I'm usually in charge of designing the sound package of each individual game assigned to me. Regardless, I work closely with dev team to create soundscapes that everyone is happy with. Shipped titles include: Atomic Meltdown, Blazin' Double Jackpot, Blazin' Gems, Dragon Goddess, Golden Idol, LOL, Octopus 8s, Siren's Call, Triple Threat, and many more.