Skybox Podcast

I was commissioned to write a series of pieces for Skybox Podcast, a podcast that features interviews with indie game developers. All six pieces have been compiled in this playlist. You can learn more about Skybox Podcast here.

Miscellaneous Best Works - 2015

I spent most of 2015 going to Austin Community College and writing personal works on the side. These are the best of them.

Demo Reel 2015 - Music

This is the music that I wrote for my 2015 demo reel made for the School of Video Game Audio Wwise class.

Austin Community College - Sailor Moon Cues

This is the music I wrote for my final Audio Engineering III project, a collaboration between myself and Geoffrey Greer. The video can be viewed on the Demo Materials page.

University of Texas - Senior Composition Recital

I had my senior composition recital in May 2013, featuring various classical works for small ensembles and soloists. All pieces were written under the instruction of Donald Grantham or Bruce Pennycook.

University of Texas - Game Development Capstone Class

I took part in the very first Game Development Capstone Class during my last semester at the University of Texas at Austin. I wrote music loops of various genres for the resulting 2-D games, as well as providing original sounds. The games can all be played here.